How to connect Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics for your Chrome extension

Skip this section if you already have Google Analytics for your extension listing.

  1. Create an account if you don't have one

  2. Create a property. You could use as a domain.

4. Get a Tracking ID from Google Analytics admin console

5. Put the tracking id to Webstore listing field "Google Analytics ID"

6. You will start getting Google Analytics data soon.

Connecting Google Analytics to Extpose

Extpose uses a service account for Google Analytics access because it allows specifying narrowest view-level permissions.

In order to connect your extension Google Analytics you should provide read-only access to Extpose service account

You can follow step-by-step guide here

Or use the following instructions:

  1. Go to Admin panel

  2. Select a View corresponding to your extension(s).

  3. Add a user with read-only access

After granting rights to read the data Extpose will populate conversion statistics.

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