Extpose Features

Extensions dashboard

Installs and ratings for your extensions

You can monitor install and rating and daily change of these metrics. You could add competitors too and track their performance.

Positions in search results

Available for premium users

Add custom keywords and enable tracking of position in search results. The dashboard displays current positions and daily change (if any).


You can change digest frequency on the Account page.

Email digest

Once you signed up and confirmed your e-mail and added at least one extension you will start receiving digest.

Slack digest

Available for premium users

Premium users are allowed to receive digest with Slack.

Slack integration could be enabled on the Account page. You should click "Add to Slack" button and allow posting permissions.

Once you added an integration you can generate a test message.

Slack digest contains the same data that you receive by email

Explore extensions

Extpose knows about all browser extensions.

Start exploring marketplace on Explore page

Check out trending extensions and top by installs

On extension profile (for example, for Adblock Plus) you can see install stats, keywords, collections and category rankings.

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