Expose subscription plans

Extpose Premium

The Premium plan allows you to:

  • Add more extensions: up to 10

  • Add more keywords: up to 50

  • Unlock report data. For example, historical reports show only 3 days on the free plan, and you will be able to see 6 months of data.

  • Shows keywords and positions on an extension page. On the free plan, you are limited to the top 5 keywords.

Extpose Autopilot

We invented a process called "listing optimization" that results in getting higher ranking in Chrome Webstore. You can do it yourself, even without the help of our product. The process is described on Getting started page. In a nutshell, you iterate over keywords and texts to get better results over time.

Extpose Autopilot is an automated solution for this trial and error process. Our algorithms slightly change your texts over time, and measure organic traffic and conversion rates. As a result, you get more exposure in Chrome Webstore and eventually get more users.

Expose Autopilot needs you to specify target extension(s) and keep track of your progress.

You will have access to Extpose Premium features if you subscribe on this plan.

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